Cargo ships have already docked in Caniçal

The bad weather on the coast is finally giving a truce and, after an exceptional unloading operation in the Port of Funchal, the cargo ship ‘Funchalense 5’ has already made it through the Port of Caniçal. Shortly afterwards, the ‘Madeira Island’ also docked in the same port.

Since 2005, the commercial terminal in the Autonomous Region of Madeira has moved to Caniçal, with the Port of Funchal being reserved for tourist activity by cruise ships. It was this Wednesday morning that the ‘Funchalense 5’, after waiting off the north coast of the island for two days due to bad weather, docked in Funchal to unload the so-called priority containers.

The cargo ship can now, on Friday night, around 8pm, dock at the Port of Caniçal, to resume normal operations. About an hour later, at 9 pm, the ‘Ilha da Madeira’ arrived, which had departed the Port of Leixões on the 15th of January.

Thus, the normality of maritime activity in Madeira is being resumed. During this afternoon, the Captaincy of the Port of Funchal had canceled the bad weather warning for the coast, as well as the strong wind.

From Diário Notícias

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