One flight diverted and four canceled at Madeira Airport

Most likely due to the worsening of the weather, a JET2 flight, which would have come from Newcastlte (northern England) to Madeira, diverted to Bristol (United Kingdom).

Arrival at Madeira Airport was scheduled for 10:40 am. However, an update at 9:30 am, reports that the plane has already resumed its journey towards Madeira, and the reason for the detour is not yet known.

It should be noted that yesterday’s last scheduled TAP flights from Porto (TP 1715, would arrive at 11:10 pm) and from Lisbon (TP 1695 at 12:30 am) diverged, having returned to their origins.

As a result, departures to Porto (last night) and Lisbon (first flight this morning, at 7:00 am) were canceled, thus totaling four canceled flights (two arrivals and two departures) so far.

In any case, four flights have already landed this morning, two by TAP (Porto at 8:00 am and Lisbon at 9:05 am) and another by easyJet (Lisbon at 8:50 am), in addition to the domestic flight from Porto Santo, at 8:55 am, operated by Binter.

In the latter case, the twin-engine had already made the flight to Porto Santo at 7:30 am, the same happening with the TAP flight to Porto, which left at 8:52 am.

Due to the worsening of the weather, it is expected that more constraints may occur at Madeira Airport.

From Diário Notícias