The Funchal City Hall building was lit up a moment ago with the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Interestingly, the same colors as the Autonomous Region of Madeira and the European Union itself.

In this moment of uncertainty, when the world is looking to Ukraine, after the Russian invasion carried out in the early hours of last Wednesday, Madeira thus shows its solidarity with the Ukrainian people, through the lighting of one of the most emblematic buildings of our land.

With this action, the Funchal City Council “joins the initiative that is taking place all over the world, in which monuments and public buildings light up at night in a symbolic act against war and in defense of peace”, it is mentioned. on the same note.

In the information released, the president of the most important municipality in the Autonomous Region of Madeira expresses “total availability to help all Ukrainians residing in the municipality”.

The document also points out that the president of the municipality, the social democrat Pedro Calado, met with the honorary consul of Ukraine in Portugal, to whom he conveyed that “the CMF is open to support the Ukrainians living in Funchal, support in whatever they deem necessary to minimize the difficult time”.

The mayor asked the diplomat about the possibility of the municipality interceding in order to provide some logistical means so that people in the region can have contact with their relatives in Ukraine.

“We wanted, through you, to try to understand if it is possible in any way to have means and if it is possible to materialize on our part some effective and quick help to minimize the pain they are feeling at this difficult time”, said Pedro Calado, quoted in the note. .

Ukrainians residing in Madeira gathered today in Funchal, sang their country’s anthem and showed signs with the words “great criminal Putin”, “stop the massacre” and “Now Ukraine, who will be next?”, among others. phrases.

The President of the Regional Government of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, said today that Madeira has a community composed of “328 Ukrainian permanent residents and 413 Russian citizens”.

“People who are fully integrated into our society are always welcome,” he added.

From Jornal Madeira

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