Hungry dogs in Cancela after owner’s arrest

Three medium-sized dogs are hungry and thirsty, after being abandoned in a house in Cancela, say several residents.

According to the neighbours, this happened after the Public Security Police carried out a raid in a night space located next to the Cancela gas pump, at the beginning of the week, which culminated in the detention of the owner of the animals. “The doors have been locked and the dogs have been without food since Monday,” they say.

“Dogs can’t stop barking when they’re hungry. It is an act of cruelty to let the animals die like that”, said a resident, noting that both the PSP and the GNR have already been alerted to this situation.

From Diário Notícias

In an update

After learning that three dogs were starving in Cancela, after the owner was arrested last Monday, Santa Cruz City Council contacted the PSP Regional Command and GNR Sepna to resolve the situation. .

To DIÁRIO, the municipality explained that the PSP Police Station in Santa Cruz was contacted to accompany the representative of the owner of the establishment and also a lawyer for the process in the diligence of feeding the dogs and providing water.

He added that “the CRO of Santa Cruz, unable to collect them, provided food for them”, stressing that the council was not informed of the owners’ desire to deliver the animals to the Official Collection Center.

Thus, “the representative informed that the key to the establishment was handed over to the owner’s children this afternoon, after having been provided with food and water, and on whom the responsibility of the animals falls”.

He also added that the PSP did not report any signs of mistreatment, but rather of negligence with the lack of cleanliness of the place where the animals are, a situation for which the representative has already been alerted.

“The animals are not strays, the responsibility falls on the owners of this and their descendants”, he concluded.

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