Brício Araújo, the Deputy and Councilor elected by the coalition “Fulfill Santa Cruz” to the City Council, born in Camacha, commented on the closing of the last physical representation of banking service in Camacha, expressing himself “very concerned about the situation that affects the parish” .

The Councilor states that “people have to reflect and understand that what is happening in Camacha is just a consequence of the lack of a local strategy for investment, growth, urban rehabilitation and economic and cultural dynamism on the part of a City Council and of a JPP Parish Council that lack the capacity for dialogue and influence and prefer the closed policy of victimization, insult, laughter, jokes, entertainment, alms, gifts and baskets at election time. Besides, they have nothing more to give. With such weak local representatives, we don’t go there and the outcome will always be this” laments Brício Araújo, also remembering that “the absence of an ambulance and Municipal Firefighters in the parish is an option of the JPP Chamber that is letting Camacha die”.

Brício Araújo who, in conclusion, adds: “They were elected and have important local responsibilities that they do not fulfill. With local governments like that, Camacha will never be attractive because it doesn’t have a clear strategy for growth, development, investment and retention”.

From Jornal Madeira