TAP only guarantees a trip to Porto on Thursday

What a total shambles of a company, just proof they don’t care for their passengers, is the company really that short of planes???

There are TAP passengers stranded at Madeira Airport who are only guaranteed to travel to Porto this Thursday. This is what happens to a group of seven passengers from Valença do Minho who came to Madeira for the weekend and saw their flight back to Porto canceled this Sunday night.

As if it were not enough to run the risk of staying in the Region for another four days, there is also the onerous requirement of having to bear all the expenses that they may incur, namely accommodation, food and transport.

This morning the seven (un)expected passengers were waiting at the information panel at the Departures Station at Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport.

“Our flight was yesterday (Sunday) at 11:55 pm to Porto and now we have no response from TAP. Yesterday they sent us an email informing us of the flight cancellation and that we were relocated to a flight only on Thursday. And that until then we are not guaranteed accommodation, food or transport. It’s all out of our pocket,” said Tatiana Gonzales, the group’s spokeswoman.

To exacerbate the serious problem caused last night by the ‘serial’ cancellations of TAP flights to Madeira, add that there are no vacancies on scheduled domestic flights departing Madeira. “We are trying but at this moment – ​​late this morning – the flights are complete. There is absolutely nothing”, he said, while colleagues remained ‘cling’ to cell phones in the expectation of finding a miraculous alternative solution.

He realizes that TAP, in addition to only guaranteeing a return flight to the north of the country for three days, advised passengers – via email – “to keep calm and not go to the airport”.

From Diário Notícias

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