Wind blew tonight above 100 km/hour

No wind this side, but my god its all ready so warm, 23°… This eastern weather is still bringing the sand and dust from Africa, I don’t think I ever remember it going on like this for so long.

The wind blew above 100 km/hour tonight, particularly in the highlands. This is the case of the record at the Chão do Areeiro meteorological station, which at 5:00 am registered 104 km/hour of wind force.

Other highlights were the 96 km/hour at Lombo da Terça/Achadas da Cruz, the 91 km/hour at Ponta do Pargo or the 85 km/hour at Ponta de São Jorge.

All these records signaled by the IPMA correspond to a yellow warning for the wind.

Tropical nights in sight

And this was, most likely, another tropical night in Funchal and Ponta do Sol. Until 7:00 am the minimum temperatures recorded in these locations were 22.2 ºC in Lugar de Baixo, 20.8 ºC in Lido and 20.6 ºC at the Observatory (Funchal).

This tropical night in the middle of winter, namely in Funchal and Ponta do Sol, with only a small change in the minimum temperature at the Observatory, which dropped by 3 tenths in the last hour (20.3 ºC until 08:00), will have been influenced by ‘eastern weather’ that has been going on for several days.

In addition to Funchal and Ponta do Sol, locations on the IPMA network of meteorological stations where the night was tropical (minimum temperature above 20 ºC), today until 8:00 am, very mild temperatures were also recorded in Santa Cruz (21.0 ºC), Cancela/SRPC (20.4ºC), Ponta do Pargo (21.3ºC), Santana (20.9ºC), São Jorge (22.5ºC), São Vicente (23.8ºC) and Porto Moniz (25.3ºC) , here with the minimum recorded reaching 17.5 ºC, at 2:30 am.

In addition, the day dawned (at 8:00 am) with temperatures already above 20 ºC in Santa Cruz, Funchal, Ponta do Sol, São Jorge, São Vicente and Porto Moniz. And we are in the middle of winter…

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