162 passengers made the inaugural Ryanair flight between Funchal and Lisbon

The inaugural flight of the Irish company Ryanair, between Funchal and Lisbon, registered 85% occupancy, carrying 162 passengers in the 189 seats available on the aircraft. Among the travelers who debuted this domestic connection operated by Ryanair was the team of insiders from CS Marítimo.

The flight took off from Madeira airport almost 20 minutes late (09:13) compared to the scheduled time (08:55), time however recovered in the ‘fast’ trip, having landed in Lisbon shortly before the scheduled time.

Upon arrival at Humberto Delgado Airport, parking the aircraft took a long time due to the alleged breakdown of the tractor that pushes the aircraft. This equipment was in the place intended for the plane that had arrived from Funchal, a constraint that forced the passengers of the inaugural Funchal / Lisbon flight to have to wait about 25 minutes to leave the plane.

From Diário Notícias