Mayor of ‘Paul’ criticizes the Regional Government again

“We do not accept this is happening and leave everyone without minimum security conditions, both our customers and those who intend to visit our parish”. Here is the outburst expressed at the last minute, on the social network Facebook, by the president of the Parish Council of Paul do Mar, Paulo Rodrigues. “It’s 11:00 am and we still haven’t felt any cleaning movements on regional road 223 Paul do Mar / Fajã da Ovelha”, pointed out the CDS mayor.

The critical message addressed to the Regional Directorate of Roads, responsible for the maintenance of the aforementioned road, was carried out with this repair: “If we are warned to be alert, why isn’t a team prepared to clean this famous road?! Our question remains in the air! Lack of notice from us?! It certainly won’t be! We ask for a little more attention…”, concludes the mayor’s claim.

Tonight, there was another fall of rocks in the  section between the two parishes of Calheta, a danger that was aggravated by the strong ‘water load’ recorded at dawn this Sunday, with the IPMA meteorological station closest to these locations, the neighboring station. Prazeres registered between 07:30 and 08:30, 17.9 liters per square meter, the most significant extreme of precipitation in 1 hour recorded today (until 11:00) in the entire IPMA network in the Region.

From Diário Notícias

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