Responsibility for cleaning the ER223 belongs to the Consortium for the work between Estreito da Calheta and Jardim do Mar

The Regional Secretariat for Equipment and Infrastructure (SREI) has already reacted to the news about the criticism posted at the end of the morning on the social network Facebook by the president of the Parish Council of Paul do Mar, regarding the alleged delay of those responsible for the roads in carrying out the cleaning of stones that fell during the last night on Regional Road 223 (ER223) between Fajã da Ovelha and the parish of pauleira.

The SREI, through the Regional Directorate of Roads (DRE), begins by informing that the necessary cleanings have already been carried out to ensure normal circulation on the referred road and that these cleanings were completed this Sunday morning.

SREI takes the opportunity to remind, as is public knowledge, that “the work is being carried out on the Regional Road, between Estreito da Calheta and Jardim do Mar, an essential intervention to ensure the safety of all who inhabit and visit the parishes of Jardim do Mar and Paúl do Mar. Despite the inconvenience caused during the course of this work, this is fundamental and structuring for these localities, so we appeal to the population’s understanding”, he stresses.

Argument to emphasize that “with the warning of bad weather, the SREI, through the DRE, diligently and timely alerted the teams that regularly ensure the conservation and maintenance of the Regional roads”. He clarifies that “in the specific case, the Consortium for the work between Estreito da Calheta and Jardim do Mar, while the works are underway and the road between Estreito da Calheta and Jardim do Mar is closed, is responsible for carrying out the works of cleaning of Estrada Regional 223, whenever necessary”, he stresses. He concludes that this morning, and in conjunction with the DRE, “the consortium used its resources and the cleaning work was carried out”, he assures.


He takes the opportunity to inform that, “according to the IPMA, there is a bad weather alert for RAM, until the end of tomorrow”, reason to reinforce the appeal of “precaution to the population and that they follow the recommendations issued by the Service of Civil protection”.

From Diário Notícias

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