Dream of living in Madeira became a nightmare for an emigrant

This is a story that we have seen or heard many times before, again with the company KW, the buyers brought the house via a video conference and from seeing a video which is also attached below, and from photos of the property. The story is in this mornings Diário Notícias. 

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So the story below with the video in how the KW company showed the house.

A few months ago, Pedro left Luxembourg with his partner to settle on the island of Madeira. A kind of homecoming for this 44-year-old Portuguese, who spent 23 years in the grand duchy before flying to this island that attracts a large number of foreigners.

Pedro found his new home through an intermediary who referred him to a real estate company established in the area. An internationally renowned agency, the Portuguese told RTL.

The future house was visited by Pedro and Susana by videoconference. “Four agency consultants visited the house. My intermediary assured me that everything was of good quality and that the finishes were luxurious. He just mentioned that the interior paint needed to be renewed”, explained Pedro.

But once on site, the Portuguese couple discover that the walls have mold, cracks and leaks. The house that looked magnificent on the computer screen turned out to be a source of trouble.

This is how the company showed the house in a video on Youtube

Today, Pedro is desperate and says he regrets the purchase, and thinks that “the house’s problems were hidden by the agents. I didn’t see them on the videos because most of the video conferences took place at night, it was quite dark.”

Taken from Bom dia eu