Madeira launches ‘SOS Employment’ Mission to integrate Ukrainians

The Madeira Employment Institute, IP-RAM is developing the ‘SOS Employment’ Mission, the ACIF-Madeira Chamber of Commerce and Industry said today in a note sent to the press.

The initiative takes place at the request of the Regional Government of Madeira, through the Regional Secretariat for Social Inclusion and Citizenship, which are developing “a series of steps aimed at speeding up the process of welcoming displaced citizens, due to armed conflicts or for humanitarian reasons”. , in our Region, including their social and professional integration”, explains the statement.

For this purpose, companies interested in recruiting workers may send an email to to express their interest or, alternatively, fill in the job offer(s) form at .

Subsequently, the Employment Institute of Madeira, IP-RAM will adjust the candidates that match the profile desired by the employers, ensuring the monitoring of these citizens in the remaining process of professional insertion.

From Diário Notícias

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