More than 70 Ukrainian citizens will receive, as of today, personalized service in a concerted action by the Regional Government, with a special focus on the social area.

Throughout today and next Monday, a face-to-face service session for Ukrainian citizens who are already in the Region for reasons of war in their country will take place in a hotel in Funchal, in which, in addition to the collection of general data , personalized service will be provided by the Madeira Employment Institute and the Madeira Social Security Institute, so that they can be referred to the best integration and reception solutions, if they so desire. In total, seven face-to-face service desks will be set up to be able to respond effectively and efficiently to questions and diagnose the needs of these people.

From Tuesday, March 8th, a Support Office of the Regional Secretariat for Social Inclusion and Citizenship will be available at Counter No. regularize their situation, they will also receive personalized assistance, being directed to search for a job and access possible social support, depending on the diagnosis made of their situation.

“In these exceptional moments of adversity, in addition to the efforts of public bodies, the participation of all, civil society and companies in particular,” highlights Rita Andrade, regional secretary for Social Inclusion and Citizenship, who leads this operation.

Regularizing the situation with the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) is the first step

The official recalls that in order to request all the necessary support, it is necessary to regularize their situation, “Ukrainian citizens held in the Region must, first of all, go to the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), in order to obtain the no. Once this requirement has been met, the next step will be to go to the Citizen’s Shop to issue a citizen’s card, and from this stage onwards, they may have the same rights and access to the same public services as a Madeiran citizen or Porto Santo”.

Employment Institute and Regional Directorate for Social Affairs provide direct contacts

With regard to the Madeira Employment Institute, specific communication channels are being created for this purpose, and an e-mail address has been created, sosemprego@iem.madeira.gov.pt , so that companies interested in recruiting workers can express their interest or, alternatively, fill in the job offer(s) form at www.iem.madeira.gov.pt/sosemprego .

Subsequently, the Employment Institute of Madeira, IP-RAM will adjust the candidates that match the profile desired by the employers, ensuring the monitoring of these citizens in the remaining process of professional insertion.

An e-mail address was also created, to be managed by the Regional Directorate for Social Affairs, which can be used by Ukrainian citizens who are refugees in our Region, to request social support or to be referred to other services : sosmadeira@madeira.gov.pt .

By the end of the week, a database will also be created where Madeirans can express their willingness to welcome Ukrainian refugees.

“At the moment, we have 73 Ukrainian citizens stranded in the Region due to the war context in their country, and we are aware of several others already on their way, who chose Madeira because they have family members or resident friends here. It is essential to welcome these people. , provide them with all the information and support at this stage, and integrate them in the best possible way while this conflict lasts. which aims to facilitate the search for employment and access to support and social protection for these citizens”, concluded Rita Andrade.

From Jornal Madeira

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