José Martins turns 110 today and presents us with a fado

Wow 110 years, Congratulations.

He sings fado, tells stories, listens to conversations, responds with sobriety, despite his age, especially because of his age, 110 years old, which is completed today. Mr. José Martins is an example of what can be called a super centenarian.

He has lived through two world wars, many other wars made by men, peaceful and bloody revolutions. He looks at the current war with a question, regret and desire: “Why more wars?! They fight with each other and nobody knows how it will be, between good and bad. Better days are ahead.”

Born in Caniçal on March 7, 1912, he worked hard from the mountains to the sea, farming and fishing. Today, after about 40,150 days he lives in Caniçal, in a modest house on Rua de São Sebastião.

Congratulations to the one who will be the oldest Madeiran. But he is the one who presents us with this fado a cappella.

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