Madeira police concerned about increased violence against security forces

The police in Madeira went public today to express their dismay following the attacks that resulted in the death of a PSP agent in Lisbon, as well as their concern about the increase in violence against security forces.

“The police in Madeira are deeply dismayed and very concerned about the increase in violence and hostilities against the security forces in their actions”, can be read in the note referred to the press.

The Police Union for Order and Freedom (SPPOL) demands a deep reflection from the political power on this matter, in order to take measures that can quickly reverse these trends. The episode of this murder is a clear demonstration of this sad reality, so present in the daily life of the police”, adds the same note, underlining that “aggressions against police and the increase in violence against security forces can never be trivialized, forgotten or devalued. “.

The police in Madeira also regret the “constant disinvestment in internal security and justice”, which in their view are “the causes of a blatant state of impunity”, which “if not stopped, will bring serious consequences for police professionals and to the general population”.

Agent Fábio Guerra, 27, died today, at Hospital de São José, due to “severe brain injuries” suffered as a result of the aggressions he was targeted, last Saturday, outside a nightclub in Lisbon.

From Diário Notícias

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