The first warnings of the worsening of the weather which I have already highlighted on my blog, are starting to come through. It will be tomorrow or Sunday we will get the weather warnings from the IPMA.

The wind and sea state forecast points to a considerable worsening of weather conditions and sea waves in the Madeira archipelago, between 6:00 pm today and 6:00 pm tomorrow, March 12, and between Monday morning, March 14th, and the night of Tuesday, March 16th.

In the Exclusive Economic Zone of Portugal, a considerable worsening of weather conditions and sea waves is also expected, starting at 6:00 am on Monday, March 14, and at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, March 15.

Looking at other pages on social media, and other websites, it’s still indicating very strong winds Monday through to Wednesday, and we could even see the airport closed for 3days.

Jet 2 have already notified hotels and agents in Madeira to be prepared for this event. Wind guru is still showing very strong gusts Monday to Wednesday and only a little better Thursday.

Note the main weather problems will be the wind and strong seas, we could see waves over 10 meters on the north coast and Porto Santo. Rain is going to be in the mix of weather, but nothing to major with heavy rain, more showers and light rain. With the wind coming from the North, it will also feel much colder, with Monday being the coldest day, and snowfall over higher ground.

I will give another update tomorrow, and we should have some official warnings from the IPMA.

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