5-kilometer queue clogs the Expressway

The official information (Info Vias) is of “congested traffic” which is causing a long queue of slow traffic and heavy traffic, between kilometers 22 and 18.3 in an extension of 5 kilometers on the Rapid Road, in the direction Machico – Ribeira Brava.

But this is not the only situation of great importance in terms of traffic in Funchal and surroundings. Further back, too, a second zone of complications is already forming and apparently separated from the first event, it has joined, and the now tends to get much worse. You arrive at the Porto Novo Bridge.

In the Cancela area, to make matters worse, more precisely at the roundabout, traffic is moving very slowly from the Figueirinhas area.

According to the information update, the first situation on the Expressway was a breakdown inside a tunnel that extended to almost 7 km, turning this early Monday into a headache for those on the road.

From Diário Notícias