Ryanair guarantees that it will not apply a fuel surcharge

Company that opens operation in Madeira next week attacks TAP and sends a message to Portuguese taxpayers: “Fly with Ryanair, the Portuguese airline without fuel surcharge.”

Ryanair, which defines itself as “the preferred airline in Portugal”, has just assured all its Portuguese customers and visitors that it will not charge fuel surcharges in 2022, unlike TAP, which confirmed last week that it intends to charge fuel surcharges between 3 to 25 euros per ticket (depending on the route), from April 2022.

For the company, these fuel surcharges will penalize not only Portuguese citizens, but Portuguese tourism, underlining that TAP, which received more than 3 billion euros in state aid from Portuguese taxpayers and also blocked slots at Lisbon airport ( it cannot and will not use this summer), “now penalizes its customers even more with higher fares and unnecessary fuel surcharges”.

Ryanair assumes that it has covered almost 80% of its fuel needs by March 2023 and thus guarantees that it will continue to pass on the lowest fares to/from its 6 airports in Portugal, with a guarantee of zero fuel surcharges for Summer 2022 .

From Diário Notícias


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