Searches for missing German tourist in Madeira continue only by land

The search for the German tourist who has been missing in Madeira since Tuesday, after being swept away by a wave on the north coast, continues today only by land, the captain of the Port of Funchal told Lusa.

Rui Teixeira indicated that the sea searches were resumed on Thursday morning, but interrupted in the middle of the afternoon due to the weather conditions that were felt in the place.

The captain of the Port of Funchal added that today there is no means in the water, not saying whether they will resume or not.

The man was walking by the sea in the area of ​​Calhau de São Jorge (municipality of Santana) with three other people, when he was surprised and dragged by a wave, and ended up disappearing.

On Tuesday, Rui Teixeira told Lusa that the alert was given around 15:00, adding that the German tourist’s companion “was pushed against a jetty, but managed to return by her own means”.

It’s already been agreed that the chances of finding the body are null.

From Diário Notícias