CTT do Estreito robber sentenced to 4 years in prison

Victor G., the 32-year-old man who is in preventive detention for having robbed the CTT station in Estreito de Câmara de Lobos on September 28, 2021, was sentenced this afternoon at the Central Criminal Court in Funchal ( Building 2000), to four years in prison. The defendant fled the scene of the crime and was only arrested nine days later. The Judiciary Police managed to identify him thanks to the fingerprint he left on a service password.

At the trial, which began on March 30, Victor G. confessed to the theft, saying he was “very sorry” for what he had done but guaranteed that he did not point the knife at the CTT employee’s neck. However, the panel of judges chaired by Fernanda Sequeira did not give validity to the explanation of this last detail, opting instead to consider all the facts of the accusation proved. He therefore sentenced the defendant, who is a drug addict, for the crime of aggravated robbery, taking into account that he used a knife and subtracted a large amount that was kept indoors.

He admitted that he approached the employee with a knife but denied that he had pointed the knife at her neck. Claiming to be “very sorry”, Vítor G. said that at the time he spent 70/80 euros a day on heroin. The robbery earned him 6,350 euros. The insurance indemnified CTT for almost the entire amount. The defendant replaced the remainder (317 euros). The ruling will be released on 6 April.

The theft earned the defendant 6,350 euros. The day after the robbery, V. Gonçalves spent 750 euros on the purchase of a car, which by court decision was declared lost in favor of the State. The insurance reimbursed CTT in the amount of 6,000 euros and the defendant handed over approximately 350 euros to the company, and the postal company’s claim for compensation was therefore void. Even so, he was ordered to pay around 5,600 euros to the State, for corresponding to the value of the illegitimate money obtained.

From Diário Notícias

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