Five planes have already diverted and even in Porto Santo there are difficulties in landing

The bad weather at Madeira International Airport has already caused five planes to divert, until 12:30 pm. Some aircraft choose to go to Porto Santo, where there are also difficulties in landing.

The TAP flight TP 1699, coming from Lisbon, is in Porto Santo, as is a Jet2 plane from Leeds and another from Sata, arriving from Ponta Delgada. These last two tried to approach the runway of the golden island, but they only managed to land on the second attempt.

The same happened with the British Airways flight, coming from London, which is trying to land in Porto Santo, as an alternative to Madeira.

The Copenhagen Airtaxi flight, which was supposed to arrive from Aarhus, did not even approach the Madeira archipelago, choosing to change its route.

I guess this is a combination of gusty winds, although it’s not to strong, and maybe poor visibility.  I have just been up to Cancela near Garajau and its thick fog, as the photos show below.


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