MIUT underway at midnight in Porto Moniz.

The Madeira Island Ultra Trail (MIUT) is already on the ground and we now share the images of the race’s departure in Porto Moniz.

The athletes today face a great physical challenge, mainly in the 115 kilometer race, which started at 0:00 am today in Porto Moniz. A very hard test, which will end in Machico, in a crossing where elite athletes and others passionate about trail will compete, in a great physical challenge, which will bring together 971 athletes.

It is recalled that this is the largest edition of MIUT ever, which has 3,212 registered athletes from 60 countries, proving that MIUT is increasingly alive, assuming itself as one of the largest sporting events on regional soil.

It should be noted that MIUT participants were provided with the JM Guide for the competition, a publication where they can find all relevant information about the event, in which Jornal is a media partner.


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