Are you looking to sell you’re property?

A friend of mine involved in the quality real estate market here in Madeira, he is seeking property for resale for overseas buyers between Ribeira Brava and Calheta plus other areas on the south coast between Funchal and Prazeres . His name is Robert Webb, he is also part of a reputable construction company based in Ponta do Sol.

A huge change in the property market is evident in Madeira now, wifh many people looking to buy, and a lack of mid to high end properties.

Robert has contact with many potential clients who are seeking to purchase property for extended holidays or personal relocation.
I have known Robert for years, he is a quality agent with a special knowledge of making a smooth Madeira relocation, putting everything in place so you don’t have all the stress, he also speaks really good Portuguese.
Robert does not use the normal advertising methods in Madeira but works directly with wealthy buyers who are ready to buy. Robert does discreet listings, this means any neighbours will not know the property is openly for sale, if that’s what you wish.
If you have a property that you would like to sell, then you can send an email to Robert here:
Robert also has an AMI licence for selling.