João Francisco Martins Vieira, better known as Severino, was admitted yesterday to Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça, due to a fall following a seizure caused by epilepsy.

The daughter, Aline, contacted by JM, says that she received an SMS from the hospital at 1:05 pm this Monday informing her that her father was taking pain medication and that he was waiting for a CAT scan.

At around 18:00, and since she was never contacted by the health service again, she decided to call and there she was informed that “my father had left the emergency service”.

Since then, the family has no knowledge of the whereabouts of the patient, who is even “without a wallet and without any identification”.

Aline confirms that PSP is already aware of the case.

However, a moment ago, the daughter herself received a call from a hospital user, who claims to have seen the man in this health unit. “The lady says she recognized him from the photo and the clothes”. The man wore a brown/burgundy coat and blue trousers.

After this information, Aline is contacting the hospital not only to confirm if the man in question is really her father and, if so, to ask “not to let him out until the family members arrive”. However, despite her insistence, “no one answers”.

From Jornal Madeira