Following the chaotic traffic in the Pico do Areeiro area, where the police were even called, and also in Santana, the situation in another tourist spot is extremely conditioned, as some eyewitnesses sent photos. 

During the morning today it was almost impossible to find a parking space at Achada do Teixeira, in Santana, where one of the most popular walking trails on the island begins. Many hikers took advantage of this Friday to do the PR1.2, of about 2.8 kilometers, which allows them to reach the highest summit in Madeira.

JM received reports that it was impossible to park, as there were no more spaces for this purpose. Most of the spaces were occupied by private rental vehicles. Today, tour operators have had a lot of difficulty finding space to park.

Many tourists voted back, others chose to park on the road, making it difficult for other cars to pass. Despite not having reached the point of confusion in the traffic in Pico do Areeiro, the morning in the area of ​​Queimadas and Achada do Teixeira was also complicated for those who wanted to see the beauties of Madeira Island.

From Jornal Madeira

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