The day was not easy for those who moved or are moving to the city of Santana, to the north of the island, as well as to Picos Ruivo and Areeiro. Many motorists completely filled the lanes and parking lots, making it necessary for the Police to be present to regulate circulation. “At this stage, it seems that the Public Security Police should pay extra attention”, until “solutions” are found, said Dinarte Fernandes, president of the Municipality.

The mayor of Santana reacted to JM/FM radio microphones to the chaos in traffic and parking in Pico do Areeiro and Achada do Teixeira, during the morning of this Friday. “The solution is to have more monitoring by the Police”, which has this responsibility “in terms of monitoring and directing traffic”, especially in those places (Achada do Teixeira and Pico do Areeiro).

For the responsible for the Municipality, it is necessary to quickly find “a solution” for parking and for the transport of tourists to Achada do Teixeira, knowing that in the immediate “a solution” is impossible to please everyone. “The Roads Directorate and the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation” should still sit down with the local authorities to “find solutions” for parking or transport to the sites.

Dinarte Fernandes also points out that one of the solutions for Pico do Areeiro may “pass for transporting passengers, in this case tourists”, in vans to avoid chaos in parking and circulation. Obviously, all these solutions go through “because there is revenue for the Region”.

From Jornal Madeira