Resident interrupts solemn session to confront president of the government

A citizen starred in an unusual moment this Friday afternoon, in Ribeira Brava, during the solemn session of the celebrations of the Day of the Council.

When the closing of the commemorative session was being announced and the mandolin orchestra was getting ready to sing the anthem of Ribeira Brava, Filipe Fernandes, burst through the precinct where the tent was set up and went to the stage to confront the president of the Regional Government about a process of expropriation of the land of the future Central Hospital of Madeira that left a couple living in Santa Rita, in Funchal, homeless, and that would have been determined not by the Court of the District of Madeira, but by the Madeiran executive.

Miguel Albuquerque still retorted alleging that it is a matter of the judicial forum, while the citizen was invited to leave the premises.

Later, the outraged citizen shared on his Facebook page, a video that he himself promoted with the help of another person, to insist that the case he exposed was never notified of any court order of the expropriation process, concluding that the president of the Regional Government failed the truth.

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