On this night it will be possible to watch a phenomenon in the Region, the moon will be closer and with a reddish tone in what will be the first total lunar eclipse of the year.

The first total lunar eclipse of 2022 takes place tonight, starting at 3 am. At 3:28 am, a stronger shadow will begin to be seen on one side of the moon, this being a phase of the eclipse that will leave the moon’s surface completely covered for the next hour.

Fernando Góis, from the Association of Astronomers of Madeira, explained to radio 88.8 JMFM that the phenomenon that puts the moon in a different tone than usual has to do with light. “While we are used to seeing white light on the moon, here, the sun’s rays are dispersed a lot in space and will then cause a reddish light that will become intense, precisely on the moon”.

The maximum point of the eclipse takes place between 4:49 am and 5:12 am, ending around 6:45 am the phenomenon that can be observed throughout the island in its various shades.

It remains then that there are no clouds, so that it is possible to witness this phenomenon, better known as the blood moon.


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