Digital Nomads in Madeira

A few digital nomads who like football put together a team and are currently participating in a futsal tournament in Machico. The first match ended up with a draw 3-3 on a very intense game against the local team Brigada ADM. This is the “Machico XXIII 7-a-side football tournament” and it is organized by Junta de Freguesia de Machico. The games take place at Campo Municipal Tristão Vaz.

The founders of the football group first met at one of the outdoor fitness sessions facilitated by Madeira Friends, a project with the goal of integrating the nomads in Madeira, with the support of Startup Madeira. The digital nomads football group has now around 80 players total and they play 3 times per week at Escola Secundaria Francisco Franco in Funchal. The group is quite diverse, getting together different people such as expats, locals, Erasmus students and of course digital nomads.
For the digital nomads group, to have a presence in such a local tournament like this is important because it allows them to feel part of the local community, to meet other local players and of course, spend some time on a different municipality. This cultural exchange is also important for locals that get to meet different players and share different experiences.
Machico, is known for its interesting historical background, the serenity lifestyle and striking natural beauty, which is not a surprise why it has won the hearts of not only the locals, but also the Digital Nomads. Not many know this, but in Machico you can also find a pretty cool free co-working space open to all and Dina, the local community manager is always there, happy to support and help. They organize weekly lunches and an active agenda which crosses off different activities such as yoga, workshops, hikes, fitness, to name but a few, with the goal of integrating the digital nomads more and more in Machico.

The government run Startup Madeira project, Digital Nomads Madeira Islands, highlights the importance of such activities, to incorporate a further bonding between the different groups, nationalities and the locals of the island, all through wellness and fitness.

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