Diva Alcione fell in love with Funchal

At 11 pm the last of the concerts of the Festival Raízes do Atlântico began. Alcione returned to Madeira, in a highly anticipated and popular concert, in a special performance as the ‘queen of samba’, one of the divas of Brazilian popular music, celebrates 50 years of career.

Last night Avenida do Mar was closed to traffic e unlike other weeks of the Atlantic Festival where it remained open.

Many people listened to Alcione Dias Nazareth, as the photos attest, as she is an instrumentalist and composer who this year completes 75 years of life, and a life full of iconic songs.

Alcione has consecrated songs like ‘Don’t Let Samba Die’; ‘The wolf’; ‘My Ebony’; ‘Ideal Woman’; ‘Yummy Poison’; ‘My Addiction is You’; ‘You Turn My Head’; ‘Beyond the Bed’; ‘Boy Without Judgment’; ‘Naughty Boy’; ‘Strange Madness’ were surely heard and sung by those present.

Throughout her career, she was awarded 26 gold records, 7 platinum and a double platinum.

From Diário Notícias