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Since the beginning of this morning, and according to the forecasts of the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA), it is raining with some intensity in Porto Santo.

The precipitation, which has already caused small floods in some arteries in the city of Vila Baleira, led to the cancellation of the children’s carnival procession, similar to what happened in Funchal.

The ‘Children’s Carnival’, which was supposed to take place this Friday morning at the Central Plate of Avenida Arriaga, was postponed, in principle, until next Friday, 28 February.

The participation of “about a thousand small revellers from different schools and daycare centres in Funchal” was expected, parading in disguise, through the city centre (Avenida Arriaga), “in an atmosphere of carnival entertainment” that the continuous rain that began to fall forced to postpone.

The decision of the date is not yet certain, but a government source told DIÁRIO that, in principle, everything will be postponed one week, two days after the return of the mini-school holiday for carnival.