This morning, around 5:43 am, a fire broke out on the 4th and 5th floors of a building located on Rua do Seminario, in Funchal. The fire was reported to have been extinguished a short time ago.

The fire forced to trigger two fire brigades into the theater of operations. The Firefighters Sapadores in Funchal were called in to fight the flames with a team of 17 members supported by 6 combat vehicles, as well as the Madeira Volunteer Firefighters who rescued a person on the spot. Also on site, Emir’s team and an ambulance were also present.

The fire broke out in a room that serves as a meeting place for believers of a religion. Due to the speed of the flames and the location of the building, it was necessary to open two lines to fight the flames, one on Rua do Seminario and the other at the back of a hotel located on Rua do Carmo. Important was the participation of a night guard, who with the keys to the building opened the access to fight the flames inside. The PSP were there from the beginning and took care of the occurrence. There are no injuries. The floor was destroyed by the flames. The causes of the fire remain to be determined, but there is a strong possibility that it was an electrical plug that ignited it.

From Jornal Madeira