Giant ‘Iona’ joins ‘Mein Schiff 4’ and little ‘World Voyager’

The port of Funchal today has a full house, which is not difficult, as in practice there are only three docking areas for cruise ships. And when they are large ships like the ‘Iona’, which arrived at the end of the night and early morning today, then it is safe to take up a lot of space and leave little for other ships.

The P&O Cruises ship is 344 meters long and occupies the entire berth 3 at the end of the Port of Funchal, which is 347 meters long. The ‘Iona’ debuted in Funchal on the 13th of October (it made its maiden voyage in August), highlighting the fact that it is the largest ship that has ever called this port. At the time, it had 3,826 passengers on board.

This time, it also came from Southampton, its main port, and will head to Tenerife at 4.30 pm. It has a capacity for more than 5,200 passengers and 1,760 crew.

In his company is the ‘small’, but comfortable and exclusive ‘World Voyager’, which has postponed its departure on the original date (it should have been yesterday at 18:00) and is still docked at the north pier, as well as from ‘Mein Schiff 4’ which only leaves today at 2 pm, heading for La Palma.

From Diário Notícias