‘Monge’ makes a stopover in the Port of Funchal

The warship ‘Monge’, from the French Navy, is anchored in the Port of Funchal, drawing the attention of locals and tourists who pass by, this Saturday morning, June 11th.

The presence of the vessel in Funchal is related to the tribute to the Portuguese and French who died in the bombing that took place on December 3, 1916 in the Madeiran capital, by the ship’s guard of honor and delegation.

The ceremony, which will take place at 12 noon, at the São Martinho cemetery and will be attended by regional entities, including the Representative of the Republic for the Autonomous Region of Madeira, Judge Counselor Ireneu Cabral Barreto.

The ‘Monge’, which entered service on 4 November 1992, is a test and measurement vessel of the French Navy, intended to accompany the test of ballistic and tactical missiles fired from the French coast or from submarines in immersion. and to cooperate in operations involving satellite tracking and near-space target observation. It can also be adapted to a hospital ship, providing wards, radioscopy equipment and rooms for surgery, resuscitation and intensive care.

The vessel, which docked around 9 am in the Port of Funchal, will remain in Madeira for a four-day stopover, leaving the island on the 14th of June.

From Diário Notícias

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