Porto do Funchal receives ‘Ventura’ after 15 days without ships.

It was on the 23rd of May that the Port of Funchal received a cruise ship for the last time. Since the effective recovery of cruise tourism took place, it is the first time that the port has not received a ship for so long. Today, the ‘Ventura’ will remain moored for more than 9 hours.

Coming from Southampton and before heading to Las Palmas, at 5 pm, the ship of the company P&O Cruises, one of the subsidiaries of the largest multinational in the cruise industry, Carnival Corporation, is one of the giants of the seas with 116,000 gross tonnage .

It has been in service since April 2008 and on its 288.6 meters long, 36 meters wide, 19 decks, it has the capacity to sail at 23.2 nautical knots (43 km/h), carrying almost 3,200 passengers (3,574 at maximum capacity). ) in its 1,539 cabins, served by up to 1,226 crew members.

It should be noted that at the moment the Port of Funchal is in the low season period (June, July and August), and expects to receive just one more ship this month, the ‘Anthem of the Seas’, on the 13th, increasing to 4 in July , 8 in August and, curiously, only 5 in September, a month outside the aforementioned low season period.

This is a very low number for September, as we use to see at least 30 returning that month, and restarting the cruise calendar after the summer.

From Diário Notícias