PS accuses the Regional Government of wasting millions instead of solving Porto Santo’s problems

The president of PS Madeira launched, today, harsh criticism of the performance of the Regional Government in Porto Santo, regretting that, instead of worrying about solving the problems that affect the island, the Executive has been, over the years, squandering millions and millions of euros in works that turned out to be completely failed projects.

Sérgio Gonçalves, who today and tomorrow, together with various elements of the party, is making a working visit to Porto Santo, within the scope of the ‘Commitments and Solutions’ itinerary and ‘Academia PS’, took the opportunity to visit several projects that cost a lot of money. millions of taxpayers’ money and which turned out to be inefficient, most of which were entirely doomed to abandonment.

The most mediatic case, and which has lately been on the agenda, is the microalgae project, which the Regional Government ended up handing over to private individuals, after having spent 45 million euros from the public purse. “They were selling the idea that this project would produce biofuel from marine microalgae and that it would transform Porto Santo into an island free of fossil fuels, but after these years, what we observed is that this was a big failure”, as already assumed by the Executive itself, says Sérgio Gonçalves.

This morning, the socialists were also near Penedo do Sono, an infrastructure that already represents a cost of more than 8 million euros, and next to the beach sports stadium, where more than 2 million euros were buried, spaces that are completely abandoned and unused. Between these two infrastructures, there is the kart track, also unused.

The leader of the Madeiran socialists considers it unacceptable that the population of Porto Santo is faced with so many difficulties and problems compounded by its condition of dual insularity and the Government “bursts irresponsibly” with the money of all taxpayers. “It is high time there was a change for a Government that, effectively, is concerned with finding solutions that respond to the needs and challenges facing Madeira and Porto Santo”, said Sérgio Gonçalves, assuring that the PS is the only party that guarantees this alternative.

In addition to these infrastructures, the delegation was in other places, namely next to the football field and next to the windmills at the Portela viewpoint, which are also doomed to abandonment. In fact, the state in which this tourist attraction is located was also criticized by the PS, which does not understand how the Regional Government did not, for example, take advantage of the pandemic phase to reclassify the destination.

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