The south coast and mountainous regions of the island of Madeira will be under orange warning for hot weather between 9 am on Sunday and 6 pm on Monday, the Regional Civil Protection Service said today.

“It is expected that maximum temperatures can reach values ​​of the order of 30 to 32 degrees centigrade on the south coast of Madeira and on the mountainous slopes facing south”, clarifies the institution in a statement, referring that the minimums should vary between 20 and the 23 degrees.

The Regional Civil Protection Service emphasizes that, according to information from the Portuguese Institute for the Sea and the Atmosphere (IMPA), temperatures will remain high until Tuesday due to a mass of hot and dry air originating in the north of Africa.

For the north coast of Madeira and the island of Porto Santo, the IPMA issued a yellow warning for Sunday and Monday.

“The relative humidity of the air will be persistently low, especially in mountainous regions, where the values ​​should be below 30%”, says the Regional Civil Protection Service, adding that the wind will blow from the north or northeast, temporarily from the east, generally weak to moderate, but with gusts in the order of 60 to 70 kilometers/hour in the mountainous regions and in the eastern and western extremes of the island of Madeira.

The orange warning is issued by the IPMA when there is a moderate to high risk meteorological situation and the yellow warning when there is a risk for certain activities dependent on the meteorological situation.

In view of the warnings for hot weather, the Civil Protection of Madeira recommends the “adequacy of behaviors and attitudes” due to the danger of rural fire, namely avoiding the creation of bonfires for recreation and food preparation and the use of burning and combustion equipment.

UV will also be at its highest level in Madeira, so care needs to be taken, and not to be exposed to the sun for long periods, and always wear sunscreen.

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