Circumstances of Paragliding accident remain unknown

The causes of the paragliding accident that yesterday took the life of a 55-year-old instructor and another man in his 30s in Madalena do Mar are still to be determined.

There was no wind at the site, the pilot was experienced and the  transport cable that exists there had been in place for a long time. Evandro Amaro, president of the Madeira Free Flight Association, recalls that to date there had been no records of incidents at that location.

According to data gathered by Antena 1, this was the fifteenth accident involving paragliding flights in the last six years, but it was by far the most serious since in recent years there has been no record of fatalities in Madeira of accidents with paragliders.

The president of the Madeira Free Flight Association highlights the technical capacity and experience of the region’s paragliding instructors.

Evandro Amaro guarantees that safety and responsibility are points of order in this sport…, but assumes that despite all the precautions, accidents can still happen

Madeira currently has about 40 free-flying practitioners.

From RTP Madeira

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