Less trips for Lobo Marinho (Obviously)

Lobo Marinho transported 26,000 fewer people in July this year compared to 2019. 

Carlos Perdigão Santos says that the trend remains negative during the month of August, something that leads the company to stop making double trips on weekdays, contrary to what happened in previous years.

In total for the first 7 months of this year,  the trips are 11 % down on 2019 before the pandemic.

Very simple answer to this is the fact there are a lot more flights to Port Santo everyday,  and no places to stay,  or over priced rentals due to the demand as I’m sure many have found if you planned to take a break to the island. So less ferry trips,  and the price does not justify a day trip,  when you are travelling for 5 hours.

Some hotels even refused bookings from people living on Madeira as they were only taking package holidays, giving locals less choice.

Even for the first week of October it’s almost impossible to find somewhere to stay unless you have a couple hundred euros a night, just to stay.

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