The 30th edition of the Black Scabbard Fish Gastronomic Festival is already livening up the bay of Câmara de Lobos.

The event started with a tribute to the fishermen and the vessel Navego, which was present at a ceremony that was attended by the regional secretary for Sea and Fisheries, Teófilo Cunha, and the regional director for Fisheries, Rui Fernandes, as well as several members of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira and the various local entities.

The philharmonic bands parade through the central streets of downtown, the various food and drink stalls and the restaurants that are represented there welcome a human frame that takes advantage of this event to taste one of the typical delicacies of our land and queen of the event: the black scabbard fish made and served in various shapes and forms.

The music, this one, will be in charge of several regional artists: Jorge Ferreira, Garcias and Álvaro Florence, and the animation is guaranteed until two in the morning.

Today, the party continues, from 14:00, with the main act scheduled for 23:00, with the performance of Santamaria.

It should be noted that the Festival is organized by the Câmara de Lobos Parish Council and this year also has the novelty of being a regional product festival.

From Jornal Madeira

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