Jurassic Turtles – Total Cruelty – Porto Moniz

Monday I visited Jurassic Turtles in Porto Moniz. 3 euros just to see the total cruelty towards these poor creatures.

The place is owned by Concilio Raffaele, where he has Tortoises and turtles in cramped conditions, with no food or water, left there all day, waiting for the next lot of spectators to come and stress them.

The Tortoises are kept in these tiny spaces all day every day, with NO WATER or FOOD, I asked the lady and she said they are fed lettuce in the morning.

Both Ladies working there totally agreed with me and offered me the complaints book which I filled in, but we all know nothing happens with this.

Look at this tortoise trying to eat the only bit of food it had.

Below are more photos of the tortoises and the tiny tanks the turtles are in with dirty water, and no living conditions.

Take a look at TripAdvisor and the reviews for Jurassic Turtles, nearly all 1star from tourists that have visited, and have nothing nice to say about the place. Few examples below.

You can read all reviews here.

Here you can see the conditions these creatures are kept… 😪😪😪

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