The president of the Regional Government responded to the demands of the counterpart of the Ponta do Sol City Council, saying that he was available to authorize funding for intervention on Estrada dos Anjos, and announcing the “renaturalization” of the Lugar de Baixo marina, in the next year.

“I’m here to work for this county”, said Miguel Albuquerque, urging Célia Pessegueiro to present a project for this accessibility to the Government. “I would like you to do a project, in the sense of guaranteeing safety for traffic on that road, without jeopardizing the waterfall. If you present the project, we will finance it.” The Madeiran Chief Executive also indicated that the Lugar de Baixo marina will be the target of intervention as early as 2023. “We are going to start the renaturalization of that space”, he pointed out. In his speech at the Municipal Day’s solemn session, Miguel Albuquerque listed a series of investments made in the municipality over the last few years. In response to criticism launched by the mayor and the municipal deputy of the PS, Ivone Perdigão, the president of the Regional Government stated that he had no intention of creating social housing in the municipality, but rather of guaranteeing affordable housing alternatives. “The recovery of buildings is a complement to ensuring that Madeirans continue to have access to housing”, said Miguel Albuquerque, stressing that “it is not about the construction of ghettos or social neighborhoods, it is about housing with income accessible”.

From Jornal Madeira