Pedro Fino presents an investment of 12.7 million for Paul da Serra

The Madeira Electricity Company has once again launched a tender aimed at fulfilling one of the objectives defined by the Regional Government with regard to the goals of integrating renewable energies, reinforcing the focus on natural resources, reducing the import of fossil fuels and reducing the carbon emissions.

The new project, which DIÁRIO has already presented, will cost 12.7 million euros and consists of the installation of three wind turbines that will be located at the Loiral wind farm whose power is over 3.4 mega watts, announced this morning the secretary Regional Equipment and Infrastructures, which took the opportunity to mention that the tender will allow the re-equipment of the Paul da Serra Wind Farm, replacing the five existing wind turbines that have been in operation for 22 years and are at the end of their useful life, he added, with the president of the Board of Directors of EEM, Francisco Taboada.

With this new investment, the estimated energy production could be enough to feed 5,000 consumers, the official said.

Pedro Fino also underlined that the increase in the production of energy from renewable sources, in addition to complying with the goals of the national energy and climate plan, does not entail implications for the occupation of the territory, nor does it have an increased impact on the landscape.

From Diário Notícias

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