Autumn started (much) warmer than summer

Yesterday the highest temperature extremes fluctuated between 22.0 ºC (minimum) and 29.4 ºC (maximum)

The highest extremes of air temperature (minimum and maximum) recorded yesterday in Madeira, the 23rd of September, the first day of autumn 2022, were significantly higher than the extremes recorded on the 21st of June, the first day of summer.

While on the first day of summer, the highest minimum in the IPMA network of meteorological stations in the Madeira Archipelago ‘stayed’ at 19.5 ºC, in Funchal/Lido, and the maximum did not exceed the mild 24.0 ºC, in Ponta do Sol/Lugar de Baixo, yesterday, the first day of autumn, the tropical night provided a minimum temperature of 22.0ºC in Santa Cruz/Airport, while during the day Ponta do Sol/Lugar de Baixo warmed up to 29.4 ºC, the highest maximum temperature in the 21 local IPMA stations. The anomaly verified in these two days in which these seasons began is +2.5 ºC, at the minimum temperature, and +5.4 ºC, at the maximum.

It should be noted that this is the normal pattern: autumn in Madeira starts (much) warmer compared to the arrival of summer.

From Diário Notícias


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