Family of British man who died in Madeira under the influence of alcohol distrust Portuguese authorities

The family of a 29-year-old citizen of British nationality, who died on the island of Madeira, in March 2021, demands to know the circumstances of his death, as they consider that, a year and a half after the tragedy, there are still many unanswered questions, reveals the MyLondon website.

The website says that Christopher Hayden-Delaney was found by the police on February 25, 2021 “disoriented and agitated”, with “aggressive behavior” and “incoherent speech”, which is why he was referred to Dr. Nélio Mendonça, in Funchal, where he ended up in a coma and died.

The autopsy determined that his blood alcohol levels were in a “toxic range” and that he suffered cardiorespiratory arrest and irreversible brain damage.

However, the family refuses to accept this version of the story and believe there is something more to unravel, as Chris was a “healthy young man” and “extrovert” who loved backpacking.

The last time the family spoke to the young man was in January 2021, when he was in Lagos, Algarve. On March 4th, they received a call from the hospital saying that he was in a coma, having died a few days later, alone, in Funchal.

The parents and brother decided to start looking for answers and turned to the West London Courthouse.

If, on the one hand, according to MyLondon, the mother believes that Chris was “able to deal with the drink” and that “what is too much for some is not for others”, the father considers that the drugs given to the young man in the hospital, such as Diazepam, may have contributed to the cardiac arrest, as he had alcohol in his blood.

The judge responsible for the case has already said that the autopsy leaves no room for doubt and that the young man died due to alcohol abuse, however, family members do not believe it and will continue to seek answers.

From Diário Notícias

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