Health problems in Madeira and Porto Santo dominated the beginning of the meeting session of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira, after the socialist Élvio Jesus made a political statement in which he listed issues such as waiting lists, lack of answers, worsening health problems, between others.

On these issues, socialist deputies have raised the tone of criticism, as was the case of Vitor Freitas, who highlighted the waiting time for surgeries and the increase in mortality. Miguel Brito, from Porto Santo, wanted to know if the local health unit will really move forward and criticized the fact that EMIR was not on the golden island during the month of October.

Tânia Freitas recalled the shortcomings of the municipality of Santana, such as the fact that there are no emergencies for 24 hours, stating that the current regional government acts “as a facade”. Elisa Seixas pointed out the worsening of mental health problems.

For the PCP, Ricardo Lume highlighted the fact that the Regional Government had promised that all Madeirans would have a family doctor by 2023, but this goal will not be met. There are still new questions about Health in the meeting chaired by José Manuel Rodrigues.

From Jornal Madeira

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