It rained more than 10 liters per square meter in just 10 minutes in Prazeres

Photos I took this morning looking over Funchal.

The forecast was confirmed with sometimes heavy rainfall in the western part of the island of Madeira. At issue are the records of the meteorological stations of Prazeres and Ponta do Pargo, where at dawn yellow warning values ​​were reached, with emphasis on Prazeres, which registered 16.9 liters per square meter (mm) between 07:00 and 08:00, but even more significant was the heavy rain registered at the end of this period, where in just 10 minutes it dropped 10.8 mm (yellow warning value for the 1 hour interval).

In Ponta do Pargo, the extreme rainfall at the time of greatest intensity was 11.5 mm/1h.

Furthermore, in the IPMA meteorological station network in the Region (20 in Madeira, 1 in Porto Santo), only in Bica da Cana (until 11:00 am) rainfall reached double digits (13.5 mm), but in the accumulated total in the last 6 hours.

It didn’t rain in Caniçal, and that was just drizzle in Santo da Serra, Santana and Porto Santo (all with records of the accumulated total below 1.0 mm).

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