Tropical night provided temperatures up to 25.6ºC

The tropical nights (when the minimum air temperature does not drop below 20 ºC) that prevail in Madeira during practically the entire summer, recorded last night, in Santa Cruz, 23.4 ºC, the highest value of the minimum temperature since the day 26th of July (24.0 ºC, in Prazeres).

The hot (and humid) night that was felt this Sunday was transversal in the localities along the coastline equipped with IPMA meteorological stations, but also in localities at intermediate levels recorded tropical minimums, such as Quinta Grande (20.3 ºC), Ponta do Pargo (20.2 ºC) and Ponta de São Jorge (20.8 ºC).

Reinforcing the tropical atmosphere of the last night, we also highlight the very significant values ​​of the maximum temperature reached during the dawn in Porto Moniz (25.6 ºC) and in São Vicente (25.2 ºC).

From Diário Notícias

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