Parking meter broken into opposite police station

The parking meter on Rua Jaime Moniz, ‘fixed’ to the PSP’s Madeira Regional Command, was the target of vandalism or attempted theft by means of a break-in. Allegedly, the daring crook, who will have tried his luck in the view of the police in the dead of night, will not have been able to extort money from the electromechanical device used to control rotating parking on the public road, but managed to leave ‘his mark’, damaging the device.

This act of vandalism or attempted theft is particularly surprising given the allegedly ‘guarded’ place where it took place. The (great) proximity of the police – on the opposite side of the street – apparently did not even serve as a deterrent to those who sought to vandalize or even steal coins from the machine. One or the other is a crime against property.

From Diário Notícias

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