Rainfall reached orange warning levels in Areeiro

Precipitation (until 10:00 am) reached orange warning levels in Areeiro, and yellow warning levels – in effect throughout the archipelago until noon – on the north and south coasts of the island of Madeira.

In the last hour, heavy precipitation in the mountainous regions recorded an extreme value of 20.9 liters per square meter (mm) in the interval of 1 hour (between 08:51 and 09:50) at the Chão do Areeiro meteorological station.

The records consistent with the yellow warning at the IPMA meteorological stations in Madeira were recorded in Santana (16.1 mm/1h and 39.9 mm/6h), in Ponta de São Jorge (10.7 mm/1h and 30.8 mm/6h), Pico do Areeiro (11.4 mm/1h), Caniçal (10.8 mm/1h) and Funchal/Observatory (10.8 mm/1h).

From Diário Notícias

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